Manage Confidently, With The Comprehensive Investment Platform

Your business, your clients, your investments—running a successful advisory business requires you to manage many things. We give you the tools and resources needed to manage each with confidence.

Our Story About Orion Portfolio Solutions

Orion Portfolio Solutions exists to make building strong and profitable financial advisory businesses simpler than ever, so you can get back to creating healthy and long-lasting client relationships.


We are led by a mission to help advisors create better client experiences. The role you play in your clients’ lives is vitally important. We believe that whole-heartedly. We also believe that the best way we can help improve their investment experience is to empower you to manage every facet of your business with confidence.


To do that, we pair powerful and intuitive technology with flexible investment options, supported by an accessible, yet robust support structure in one turnkey asset management program (TAMP).

Our Culture More Than An Investment Platform

To create the best possible experience for you and your clients, we strive to be more than the sum of our parts. It’s not about advisor technology, investment options, or support and services, individually. It’s about combining all of the things you need to build a strong advisory business in one, cohesive experience.


We intentionally craft a culture that’s conducive to better advisor and client experiences.

Putting People First
Putting People First

Our investment platform revolves around you and your clients. Because of that, we emphasize an accessible and hands-on service environment. However, our people-centric focus goes deeper than that.

Orion Portfolio Solutions also encourages community involvement among its employees. We believe that helping people is at the core of our value proposition, and want to emanate that throughout our organization.

You’ll see some of our community focus at work through our social media channels.

Advocating Collaboration and Teamwork
Advocating Collaboration and Teamwork

We believe the best way to serve our advisors and their clients is through close collaboration across our teams—from service and sales to product development and IT. But we also think that the best way to create positive experiences for the end investor is through deep collaboration with you, the advisor.


Orion Portfolio Solutions maintains a multi-faceted service environment that seeks to provide a consistent level of support in every stage of your relationship with us. From transition and onboarding support to product guidance, you’ll find that our team actively works together to find solutions for you and your clients.

Striving for Continuous Improvement
Striving for Continuous Improvement

One of the biggest challenges facing advisors today is the need to keep up with rapidly evolving technology. To remove that burden and allow you to focus more deeply on managing client relationships, we constantly evaluate and enhance our advisor technology to keep you ahead of the curve.

Orion Portfolio Solutions has innovation in its blood. Our sister company, Orion Advisor Technology, is deeply focused on creating disruptive, industry-leading technologies—which are integrated directly into our platform to directly benefit you and your clients.

Empowering Confidence
Empowering Confidence

As a financial advisor, you impact the long-term financial well-being of so many. That’s why we take a selective approach to adding investment options to our platform. To maintain the highest levels of quality and reliability, each third party investment strategist is carefully vetted and monitored through a dedicated due diligence process. We do that so you can manage your business confidently—confidence that can be passed to your clients and their families.


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