2018 Advisor Events – Where to Find FTJ FundChoice

Financial advisors face a unique challenge – the need to stay on top of a real-time market changes, shifting customer preferences, and rapidly evolving technology standards. Industry events present an excellent opportunity to maintain relevance in our fast-paced business through peer networking and thought-leader insights.

You’ll find FTJ FundChoice at these 2018 Advisor Events:

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CBSI 2018 Focus – July 22, Houston, TX

Investacorp National Conference – July 22, Boca Raton, FL

2018 Centaurus Financial National Sales Conference – July 25, Vancouver, Canada

SSN National Conference – July 25, Boca Raton, FL

Triad National Conference – August 27, Boca Raton, FL

1st National BEAM Asset Management/SAI Meeting – August 29, Sonoma, CA

KMS Annual Conference – September 12, Seattle, WA

Packerland Brokerage Services Building Your Business Conference 2018 – October 3, Green Bay, WI

Questar Capital & Asset Management National Sales Conference – October 15, Minneapolis, MN

Kovack Securities 2018 National Conference – October 21, Aventura, FL

FTJ FundChoice University – Fall 2018, 29 Cities

As a small-scale local event, the FTJ FundChoice University is designed to help advisors more easily address their daily challenges, like managing client expectations and staying up-to-date on the continuously changing market environment. FTJ FundChoice will bring leading investment strategists directly to financial advisors, delivering the latest insights in portfolio management and financial planning techniques in advisors’ home towns.

Learn more about your local complimentary FTJ FundChoice University and register at www.ftjfcuniversity.com. All advisors are welcome, but registration is limited. To request a future University in your location, please email sales@ftjfundchoice.com.