A Holiday Proposal (System)

There’s something about the holidays that makes couples feel closer: maybe it’s the gorgeous glimmer reflecting off a fresh snowfall, the warmth of a cozy fire next to a beautifully decorated tree, or the dramatic uptick in commercials for Jared®, the Galleria of Jewelry. 

Whatever the reason, it’s proposal season.

We’re not here to talk about that kind of proposal — but we think our guided approach to proposal generation is pretty special, too. And because it helps you understand your clients’ expectations, identify and pair relevant investment options, and better communicate recommendations to clients, it can also lead to stronger, more meaningful relationships.

Plus, you don’t have to get down on one knee: you can generate proposals right from within the Orion Portfolio Solutions platform in eight easy steps.

  1. Start with a client risk assessment. Simple and intuitive, it can be completed either in the office or delivered right to your client’s home via email.
  2. Frame the investment discussion with a short market participation assessment to encourage client to think about the role of diversification in their portfolios.
  3. Using embedded risk scoring built into each available assessment option, you can help align client expectations to portfolio allocations.
  4. Upload existing client accounts to compare with your proposed strategy, which helps to identify gaps or misalignments in a client’s current portfolio.
  5. Create customized portfolios that meet client-specific needs with tax-efficient sleeves, either via custom index replication or strategist-managed, direct-indexed models.
  6. Our intuitive investment picker makes it easy to filter, select, and blend strategies to align with market participation preferences by segmenting options into each mandate: Strategic, Tactical, and Diversifier.
  7. Better communicate your portfolio recommendations with a unique proposal package that can be tailored to introduce your firm, explain our UMA investment story, and offer a detailed overview of included investment strategies.
  8. Onboard clients directly within the proposal builder, or use our guided new account wizard. A Docusign integration makes both of these options quick and easy.

With any proposal — ours or the marriage kind — confidence is the key to your delivery. And using this simple process empowers you to not only build custom, well-diversified portfolios, but also communicate the strategy behind them in a way that resonates with your clients and helps solidify your advisor value. 

Make lasting connections this holiday season — and all year long — with our clear, step-by-step process for proposal generation.

To download a visual guide to the Orion Portfolio Solutions proposal generation system, click here!

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