A Wealth Management Love Story: The Ballad of Brinker and Orion

This week, TA Associates made the decision to reinvest in Orion Advisor Solutions alongside new partner private-equity firm Genstar Capital. Backed by their powerful investment support, we were able to capitalize on the opportunity to merge with one of the industry’s most successful investment management firms, Brinker Capital Inc.

Together, Orion Portfolio Solutions and Brinker Capital are poised to transform the wealthtech industry as we know it. To commemorate this game-changing partnership, we thought we’d do things a little differently.

A Wealth Management Love Story: The Ballad of Brinker and Orion

As an industry leader, Orion stands strong:
Unparalleled tech! Investment options a mile long!
We built our business to empower and serve
Giving our advisors the tools they deserve

As persistent innovators, we always want to get better
Disrupt and deliver, be the market pace-setter
So we push the boundaries of the traditional TAMP:
From investments to planning and a proposal system revamp

But while our bold enhancements have set us apart
One privately held firm has just stolen our heart
Brinker Capital Inc, established 1987
Could the marriage of our firms be something like heaven?

There’s no need to ask, because we’ll tell you: yes!
When one powerhouse joins another, the result is the best
Two titans merged their incredible teams
Creating the wealthtech firm of our dreams

We thought of our advisors and all the needs we’d fulfill
Combined our assets at a cool $40 bil
Our open architecture framework, their investment expertise—
This was an opportunity we both had to seize

Their high-net-worth offering, our full suite of tech
Third-party strategists vetted by a due diligence check
They bring behavioral innovation and we’ve got UMAs
Together, we know we’re sure to amaze

We couldn’t be happier with our new partnership
And we hope you’ll join us for this extraordinary trip
As we forge the future of the wealth industry
It’s ours for the taking—just you wait and see

We’d like to thank you for reading this far
And invite you to watch our on-demand webinar!
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We’d be happy to reach out to you and discuss.