Advisor Value Simplified – The Three S’s

In the age of robo-advice and easy-access digital investing, explaining your value as an advisor has never been more important.

To help simplify your value proposition, better connect with clients, and develop stronger advisor-investor relationships, we’ve create the, “Three S’s of Advisor Value”.

The Three S’s

Strategize – Laying the foundation for solid portfolio construction.

Show clients the importance of pre-investment leg work.

It starts with helping investors think in long-term – what are their financial goals, needs, wants? Objective foresight is needed to create clear investment objectives, which affects each allocation decision.

Communicate the importance of investing within a framework of risk that is comfortable to the investor. Explain the impacts of market movement on investment returns, and discuss your robust risk assessment tools that will help establish clarity into the process.

Segment – Directing allocation decisions that are aligned with goals and risk parameters.

Depict the importance of mixing the right investment allocations to satisfy risk tolerance, market movement attitudes, and required returns.

Our industry is complex. There’s no way around it.

But armed with a robust portfolio builder, strong strategic foundation, and industry expertise, you deliver the unique ability to sift through vast investment options and craft portfolios that are tailored to each investor’s needs.

Supervise – Monitoring and adjusting investments to optimize performance.

Explain the cyclical nature of the market, and the fluidity of investments. Help them understand the importance of proactively monitoring investment performance as the market moves, and the need to manage allocations to maintain their personal risk and return profiles.

Make them aware of the long-term value of active management, especially as their portfolio grows (which may require an updated strategy).

Keep it Simple

The ability to simplify a complex industry and connect with clients is the key to building stronger relationships – the true differentiator in our business.

Use the Three S’s of Advisor Value to simplify your investor pitch and better communicate advisor value. Your advisor practice will enjoy the benefits of long-term growth.