Get to Know Orion Portfolio Solutions—Redefining One, Comprehensive Investment Platform with New Advisor Technology

We are officially Orion Portfolio Solutions, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. 

While we are thrilled about our new look, that’s not what’s exciting to us. It’s what the rebrand means for you—our newfound commitment to technology, fostered through our close relationship with Orion Advisor Technology, and the opportunity that affords us to create a more comprehensive and powerful advisor experience. 

The first phase of our tech-led unification is now live. Today, our revamped advisor portal offers:

Intuitive Rep Dashboard: An easy-to-navigate rep dashboard showcases pertinent information—from client details to billing documents to helpful resources—allowing advisors to take quick action when necessary. 

  • AUM Dashboard – Get a quick, high level view of your AUM by current month, quarter, and year.
  • Recent Activity – Review recent notifications and account actions in one, clean list.
  • Top 5 Strategies – See the strategies used most across your client investment portfolios.
  • Billing / My Documents – Access a consolidated list of your recent billing statements.
  • Get the Latest – Find and read the most relevant blogs, insights, and news.

Memorable Reporting: Advanced reporting features include an intuitive dashboard to easily locate and run client reports and defined queries, in addition to the advanced rep-level insights needed to make more informed business decisions.

  • Account Information – Access overarching data on which clients have banks linked to their accounts, upcoming RMDs, systematic transfers on file, and beneficiary information.
  • Fund Availability – Research fund availability with a report that is viewable in your browser, or available for download to your own device.
  • Client Reports – Gather the information needed to support your next client meeting, such as transaction data, portfolio performance, gain loss, and more. 

Robust Financial Planning: Financial planning tools powered by Orion’s recent acquisition of Advizr provide greater insight into a clients’ financial picture, with the ability to aggregate financial data in a single platform and connect it to trackable financial goals.

  • Financial Statements – Aggregate client financial data in a single platform to gain greater transparency into their overall financial picture through a balance sheet, cash flow analysis, etc.  
  • Goal Tracking – Identify and track clients’ progress toward various financial goals, such as retirement savings, debt management, and college savings, and more.
  • Reporting and Actions – Show clients their progress toward each goal with reporting and projection tools that depict how decisions now may affect long-term financial well being. And assign actionable to-dos to help clients stay on track.

Detailed Client Account Overview: A comprehensive account dashboard reveals key client information, including recent login activity, contact preferences, household information, and account servicing—as well as performance data, holdings, and documents, all in one central location.

  • Overview – Review high level account information, such as value of holdings over time and holdings details.
  • Profile – See and edit client contact, employer, and profile settings information.
  • Household – Get a quick snapshot of each member of a household, with the ability to drill down into individual holdings.
  • Recent Activity – See recent account activity, like contributions and distributions.
  • Account Servicing – Open a service request through our digital service request dashboard, or track previously submitted support tickets.

Accessible Client Servicing: Advisors can submit work requests and check their respective statuses and other vital information, with a forms library that offers eSignature capabilities to most forms.

In-Depth Registrations: A dynamic registration screen provides a review of client AUM and deep links to empower advisors with the information they need in an efficient manner.

Streamlined Advisor Profile: Advisors can easily update their information and access their support staff in just a couple of clicks—especially on mobile devices, where they have the ability to click on a phone number and instantly call a service number. 

  • Advisor Settings – Adjust alert settings, fee schedules, and private labeling options in a one, simple dashboard.
  • Login As – Choose a rep code to access.
  • Support Team – Use simple push buttons to call or email a member of your service team.

The subsequent phases of our technology rollout will occur over the next few months. 

The next steps will provide access to:

Streamlined Proposal Generation: The simplicity of the current step-by-step proposal process will be amplified by new functionality, including the ability to accomodate legacy holdings, integrate a custom tax-managed sleeve with security, sector and ESG screens, and more.

Tax-Efficient Trading: New tax management capabilities will let advisors rebalance at the household level and harvest losses to offset capital gains through a new tax-loss harvesting dashboard. 

Transparent Billing: Advisors will be able to calculate future earnings with an income projection tool, as well as track their past, current, and expected payouts with a transparent dashboard. 

Integrated Compliance Suite: Compliance tools to help firms complete compliance tasks and better prepare in the event the SEC requests an audit.

Next-Generation Client Experience: Intelligent, time-saving tools like Event-Based Notifications will enable advisors to automate the creation and delivery of custom-tailored text and email communications based on unique triggers, like model change, birthdays, and RMDs.

We’ll keep you fully informed as additional technology and investment management features become available. 

To learn more about how you can be part of the brand new TAMP experience, contact us today at or 800-379-2513.