Marrying Financial Planning and Asset Management: Everything You Need to Know

The Next Generation of Client Experience 

In July, we announced a client experience revolution when our parent company, Orion Advisor Services, acquired Advizr, Inc, a financial planning and client experience technology platform known for its sleek interface and intuitive user experience.

 As the wealth management industry shifts toward a more planning-based approach to investment management, coupled with rising consumer expectations thanks to digital delivery giants such as Amazon and Uber, advisors need to prove their value by providing what their clients want, when and where they want it.

What they want is an easily accessible, advice-driven financial experience that focuses on the “why” behind portfolio creation and investment strategy.

We’ve historically focused exclusively on the “how”: diversifying across strategic and tactical asset allocation as well as non-correlated assets using our three-mandate UMA approach. But we envision the next wave of financial advice to be a complete experience that incorporates the “why” as well, enabling advisors to seamlessly connect progress toward goals with investment performance in a way that transcends traditional advisor alpha. 

How It Works 

This new revolution of client experience begins with client goals as the foundation. Simple, intuitive workflows—or goals—within Advizr empower clients to define their own financial aspirations, including retirement savings, college savings, debt management, health care, and more. 

Once a workflow has been completed, you can do a deeper dive into your clients’ financial picture by pulling in data regarding their income, expenses, and accounts. From there, organize the information with balance sheets and cash flow statements, which help gauge how many resources they have to fund their goals. 

 Then, run your clients’ goals through Monte Carlo simulations to show the probability of success based on different variables. The system will automatically recommend actions steps to be completed, so that your clients have a greater chance of accomplishing their goals. Once completed, the action steps can be checked off in the portal, but remain visible so both you and your clients have a holistic view of financial progress.

Staying relevant in our industry means constantly looking toward the future. We believe Advizr, combined with the full suite of our powerful technology, will transform conventional financial advice, creating in its place a cohesive experience that aligns goals, risks, market participation attitudes, and proposed strategies. 

Next Steps

An initial training course must be completed to enable access to the financial planning platform. The training is available under a new “Planning” section within the Account Center tab in your main advisor portal navigation menu. Once selected, you will be guided through a 10-step training module that walks through the platform, account setup and management, and the planning tools available to you and your clients. 

Once you complete the training, our onboarding team will enable a single sign-on link within your Orion Portfolio Solutions advisor portal, allowing you to access Advizr. The single sign-on link—Planning by Advizr—will be located under the “Planning” section.

Please note:  There will be a slight delay between training completion and platform availability. To ensure a smooth onboarding process with high levels of support, advisors will be onboarded in groups (based on training completion date). We will reach out directly to inform you when your single sign-on link to Advizr has been enabled. 

But that’s just the beginning. Coming soon, we’ll take our financial planning functionality to the next level by directly embedding the robust tool into our Proposal Generator for a more cohesive experience. Stay tuned!

To learn more about how advice-driven planning can help you supplement your investment management and enhance your client experience, watch our webinar here