Modern, Robust, Flexible: Your New Proposal Generation Process

If you’ve ever interviewed for a new job, you may have had to answer the question, “What are your top three strengths?” 

That’s a tough question (though not as tough as highlighting your weaknesses). It’s difficult to capture your value in three words, but if you nail it, your answer can set the rest of the conversation up for success. 

Lucky for you, this is not an interview and you’re not in the hot seat. Today, we’re putting the spotlight on our enhanced proposal generation technology—and we’re going to do it in three words. 

Is it right for the job? You tell us: 




While Orion Portfolio Solutions has long offered a simple, step-by-step proposal generation process, we’re always looking for ways we can help our advisors grow their businesses—and the ability to win and onboard new clients is critical to business development success. So we’re enhancing our existing proposal framework to better meet the needs of our advisors and their clients.

Here’s how.

A Modern Design: One of the hallmarks of our proposal generation system is its easy-to-follow, step-by-step structure. We’ve retained that guided framework, but improved the user interface to further facilitate a smooth, intuitive proposal workflow—where key information and required actions are clear and accessible. Additionally, the new proposal generation system will better reflect the Orion brand, in both the proposal generator itself and the end documentation. 

Robust Investment Selection: From the investment selection dashboard, it’s now easier than ever to find, evaluate, and implement assets with confidence. You’ll have access to enhanced proposal risk details, including real-time updates to:

  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • R-Squared
  • Max Drawdown

An expanded asset allocation summary allows you to review asset allocation percentages by both mandate and asset class, using simple toggle functionality. Additionally, you’ll now enjoy a more fluid connection between UMA, single strategy, and self-directed proposals, enabling you to adjust proposals on the fly instead of choosing a rigid proposal type upfront.

Flexible Proposal Documentation Options: To create more flexibility for you and a better experience for your clients, we’ve updated your options to include various proposal templates—UMA, single strategy, and self-directed, which can be easily selected and customized.

To better align your proposals with your unique investment story, you can also choose to include or exclude proposal components—such as a summary of the risk assessment—as well as rearrange the order in which the components are delivered.  

Finally, to further enhance the investor experience, the proposal output has been re-designed. The core investment stories remain the same; however, the content layout, system-generated fact sheets, and supporting charts and graphs have been improved for greater clarity and aesthetic appeal.

The new proposal generation system is now available in the Orion Portfolio Solutions advisor portal. A training video will be accessible within the system, offering a brief walk through of the new functionality. 

Don’t have access to the Orion Portfolio Solutions advisor portal? No problem. Join us for a virtual walk-through of the new proposal generation system on Tuesday, August 4th at 4:00 PM Eastern. Click here to register

If you’d like more information, don’t hesitate to reach out! Contact us today