New Advisor Technology Coming to our Turnkey Investment Platform

For the advisor that uses our platform to manage their investments, their clients, and their business growth—these are exciting times.

Our turnkey asset management program (TAMP) is being integrated into the Orion brand family, as Orion Portfolio Solutions. And with that, we are redefining the standard for advisor technology in the TAMP space with new and improved capabilities, coming Fall of 2019.

New and Improved Advisor Technology

Enhanced Proposal System

Tax Management

Our existing proposal system makes building well-diversified UMA portfolios simple, with an easy-to-follow process that guides advisors through portfolio construction. That simple process will carry through to the new system, but with a few extra features that will help you bring additional value and flexibility to client portfolios:

  • Accommodate legacy holdings, like individual stocks and bonds—and set action restrictions to ensure the position isn’t sold or traded.
  • Integrate a custom, tax-managed sleeve into your UMA portfolios, with direct indexed models from leading strategists, or on your own, through a self-directed account. 
  • Add ESG and Sector screens onto your tax-managed strategies to guide investment selection and further tailor portfolios to align with clients’ unique values and preferences.


Improved Trading Platform

Enhanced back-end functionality, more flexible management options, and new tax management capabilities will be delivered for an improved overall trading experience:

  • Rebalance on the household level, for more consistent, scalable, and tax efficient trading.
  • Harvest losses to offset capital gains elsewhere, and deliver tax alpha to clients with a new tax-loss harvesting dashboard.


Transparent Billing

Enhanced Billing ScreenOur billing structure is becoming even more advisor and home-office friendly. In addition to our unique monthly billing cycle, designed to improve your cash flow, we are making it easier than ever to manage that income: 

  • Get an estimate of incoming billings, with an income projection tool—so you can make more informed, strategic business decisions around incoming cash flows. 


Memorable Reporting 

Our reporting environment is becoming more robust—with access to more aesthetically pleasing reports and data queries: 

  • Use an intuitive dashboard of client reports to quickly find the information you need to manage your investment accounts and create clear, end-investor communications.
  • Drill down into your business with custom data queries, and gain the transparency and insight needed to make decisions that lead to growth. 


NEW Integrated Compliance Resources

Advisors rely on our turnkey asset management platform for comprehensive investment, reporting, and service solutions. Now they can look to us for compliance support as well, with a suite of fully integrated compliance solutions: 

  • Test compliance policy effectiveness with a streamlined library of pre-built query templates that are easily scheduled and run at your discretion.
  • Maintain audit trails with a tool that collects, organizes, and stores the data points most commonly requested by auditors—making it easy to find and deliver any requested information during an audit. 
  • Guard against money laundering with a program that automatically monitors your client database for suspicious activity. An integration with LexisNexis is required to enable anti-money laundering capabilities. 


NEW Client Engagement Technology

We’ve always believed deeper advisor-client relationships create stronger investment experiences. Now we can help you create those deeper relationship, digitally, with automated event-based notifications and a new client interaction tool that enables co-browsing and screen sharing:

  • Stay engaged with clients, with the ability to automate text and email notifications around pre-defined triggers, such as account activities (e.g. rebalances, management style changes),  important alerts (e.g. RMDs off track, capital call schedule), or personal milestones (e.g. birthdays, client anniversaries).  


NEW Portal Design

A sleek and modern design is being implemented across the advisor portal, with the goal of increasing your efficiency and effectiveness:

  • Gain efficiency through a more intuitive navigation menu, with workflows that guide you through the process and require less clicks.
  • Increase your effectiveness, with a portal that is seamlessly integrated, ensuring the information you need is accessible, when and where you need it. 


NEW Financial Planning Platform (Advizr)

We seek to support growing advisory businesses through one, comprehensive investment platform. To take that support to the next level, we are integrating financial planning software into our suite of solutions, available through a single sign on to Advizr. 

  • Gain deeper insight into your clients’ financial picture, with the ability to aggregate client financial data in a single platform and connect it to trackable financial goals.
  • Help clients work toward long-term financial goalsretirement savings, debt management, emergency fund, and morewith easy goal setup and tracking
  • Guide clients through their financial plan with clear reporting that depicts their current and projected financial well-being, what-if functionality that helps depict how their decisions might impact their financial future, and actionable to-dos that help them progress toward each goal.

Our goal is to create a truly comprehensive and supported investment experience—for advisors and their clients. This newfound technology focus, in unison with our selective approach to strategy selection, process-driven investment framework, an accessible service environment will help us do that, daily.

New platform technology will roll out this Fall; however, we’re giving you a sneak peak into Advizr—our new financial planning software—with access to an introductory training course. Once completed, you’ll receive single sign on access to Advizr. Join us for a guided tour on August 27th to learn more about Advizr and how to get started with the training. Register Now

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