New Technology and Powerful Enhancements Support a Stronger Advisor-Client Relationship

Continuing with our mission to empower advisors with the tools they need to build stronger relationships with their clients, our powerful updates and enhancements are designed to:

  • Help advisors capture the attention of prospects with customizable marketing campaigns
  • Springboard their first steps with an all-new proposal system
  • Empower each individual investor’s definition of investment success

Here’s what you’ll see in the highly anticipated late summer build! 

Introducing Market*r to Orion Portfolio Solutions

Proactive client acquisition is the first step in developing a strong advisor-client relationship. To that end, as an advisor leveraging the Orion Portfolio Solutions platform, you will now be able to take advantage of Market*r, our automated prospecting and campaign building solution. 

With its customizable, omnichannel campaigns tied to personalized financial planning goals, Market*r will give your prospecting efforts a running start and help bring new business right to your virtual doorstep. What’s more, Market*r’s connectivity to Orion Planning means that prospects will be immediately engaged with the planning process.  

Further Enhancing Our Proposal Generation Technology

In order to streamline the important transition from prospect to client, we’ve continued to make enhancements and refinements to our new in-house proposal generation technology. The step-by-step framework ties diversified investment proposals to investors’ specific needs, and right from the upgraded user interface, you can access real-time portfolio data to aid in  investment selection, including alpha, beta, r-squared, maximum drawdown, risk, and asset class information. Once proposals are built, adjust them on the fly between single strategy, unified management accounts (UMAs), and self-directed proposals.

Adding Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions to Our Platform

Meanwhile, Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions has made its core lineup of strategies available in both Orion Portfolio Solutions and through Communities, Orion Advisor Tech’s model marketplace. Orion Communities will carry Fidelity’s lineup of more than 30 model portfolios and SMAs, and Orion Portfolio Solutions will feature eight Fidelity model portfolios and a themed SMA strategy, including:

  • Fidelity Target Allocation Model Portfolios, Fidelity’s earliest suite of models with the longest track record, which offer five different asset mixes designed to achieve a spectrum of risk profiles as well as seek to enhance potential for excess return. These strategies aim to diversify across asset classes with a blend of active and passive funds.
  • Fidelity Business Cycle Model Portfolios, which incorporate a dynamic investment approach based on shifts in the business cycle, designed to enhance risk-adjusted returns. The business cycle model portfolios are based on the framework of Fidelity’s Asset Allocation Research Team (AART), which conducts economic, fundamental and quantitative research.
  • Fidelity Bond Income Model Portfolio, designed to provide a high level of income and manage risk with a diverse investment universe including ETFs.
  • Fidelity Advisor Women’s Leadership SMA, which seeks to invest in companies that prioritize and advance women’s leadership/development and have strong competitive moats that can result in durable earnings growth or in companies Fidelity believes can benefit from open-ended growth opportunities. This model-delivered SMA was developed based on Fidelity’s existing mutual fund, the Fidelity Advisor Women’s Leadership Fund.

Unlocking the Multi-Custodial Advantage

As advisors open the floodgates of new business with integrated marketing and new proposal technology, they will enjoy more optionality than ever in their choice of custodians. Schwab Advisor Services joins the Orion Portfolio Solutions platform as a custodial option, granting advisors access to the services of the industry’s largest custodian. Schwab has deepened its existing partnership with Orion, and its addition brings Orion Advisor Technology’s multi-custodial power and flexibility to Orion Portfolio Solutions, making it easier for advisors to extend the advantages of Orion’s technology and outsourced solutions to more investors than ever.

Enhancing Our Risk Assessment and Scoring Methodology 

A volatile year of investing has made strengthening the advisor-client relationship more important than ever. Built to enhance clarity and transparency for end investors, collaboration between our new Investment Strategy Research Group and our time-tested Investment Committee has produced a simpler, seven-question client assessment, as well as an enhanced risk scoring methodology for investment strategies.

We’re thrilled to announce that FinMason will be powering our risk scoring system, calculating and delivering risk calculations on demand. FinMason’s flexible, API-based technology ensures that our new risk system will be able to scale with the needs of any advisory firm, no matter its size or complexity.

Introducing Market Cycle Advised Mandates 

Our time-tested, three-mandate diversification process, Market Cycle Mandates, highlights the role each mandate, or strategy, plays in a portfolio: Beta capturing market movement, Active adjusting to market changes with active management, and Diversifier, a low-correlation source of potential risk and return. Now, to create even greater efficiency, we’re excited to bring you new turnkey UMA portfolios, Market Cycle Advised Mandates, available with $0 platform and strategist fees*.

While many turnkey UMA solutions on the market rely heavily on in-house investment strategies, Market Cycle Advised Mandates are comprised predominantly of well-known third-party investment strategies, customized and blended by our investment team. 

To find out how Market Cycle Advised Mandates can help you deliver diversified portfolios with greater efficiency, sign up for our on-demand webinar here

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*Households under $75,000 will incur a $90 annual minimum fee, per account.