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Once in a Generation Talent

Last night the greatest rock band in the world began their final tour in San Diego’s Petco Park.

Mick and the boys kicked the night off with Jumpin’ Jack Flash and finished with a house busting encore of I Can’t Get No Satisfaction. In between those classics those of us lucky enough to be there were constantly amazed at what a group of 70 year old former party animals could do. Whether it was Keith and Ronnie dueling on guitar, Charlie banging out the beat on his sticks or Mick running, screaming, dancing and belting out lyrics, these guys are amazing!

Having been more than just an occasional concert goer over the years, seeing my share of greats and not so greats, last night I know what we witnessed on this perfect San Diego night was magic. Because with THE STONES, there is no compromise; they give their best every show and once in a great while you just have to give it up to genius and realize that comparisons would be worthless.

As advisors sometimes we have a chance to embrace genius in the investment world for our clients. Once in a very long while we have access to a peerless investor that can deliver over the long haul and throughout significant changes in the investment landscape. While rare, we do not want to let these opportunities pass. Very much like Jagger and the boys, these top performers must be dealt with on their own terms. They won’t come to you; you must go to them. Keith said last night, “sorry we haven’t been to San Diego since ‘05, but we can’t be everywhere.” MMS is the first advisor management platform to embrace the rarest of the rare investment strategist, the one that consistently provides alpha, and offers them within our proposal, risk scoring and research process. We have identified, with the help of Rocaton Advisors, a palette of single ticker strategies which capture some of the iconic masters of our business. Names like Romick, Grantham, Singer, Greenblatt and Asness are our attempt to bring together under a single process teams your clients should own – many names that until now have been excluded from the typical list of Strategist offerings because of limits to business models and the willingness by others to put optics ahead of options. Within our limitless approach to strategist selection we focus on substance over form and access this talent in whatever medium we can.

In a marketplace where investors have been flocking to mediocrity, 83% of last year’s fund purchases were indexes, we are excited to have more than our share of top talent embedded in the MMS platform. Now if only Mick wouldn’t have dropped out of the London School of Economics…….


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