The Next Step in Redefining One, Comprehensive Investment Platform

We’re excited to announce that the second phase of our TAMP modernization will be delivered in early December. The new technology rollout will build upon our previously released new advisor portal environment, delivering increased functionality to support the daily demands of your business.

What you’ll see in December:

UMA proposal generation within the new advisor portal:  The proposal system you use today will be made available within the new advisor portal environment. You’ll have the ability to construct UMA portfolios, generate proposals, and initiate the new account opening process. Single strategy and self-directed portfolios can also be constructed in the new environment. However, proposal documentation to support those strategies is slated to release in Q1 of 2020.

Proposal integration means you can enjoy:

  • Same Process, Better Design – Generate proposals in the new advisor portal with ease, using the same core process you’re used to today (account setup, risk assessment, proposed accounts, portfolio construction, proposal generation), but with key user experience improvements designed to create a better overall experience.
  • Robust Investment Selection – Find and implement investment options with greater effectiveness, through an enhanced investment selection dashboard. Additionally, you can now add a self-directed sleeve, on the fly, in tandem with your traditional strategist-led sleeves. 
  • Improved Client Risk Assessment – An updated client risk assessment, designed to more accurately represent client risk tolerances will also be available (in place of our legacy risk assessment). Click here to see the assessment.

Investment Selection Dashboard within the Portfolio Generation Process

A more robust new account opening process:  An enhanced new account wizard will be made available in the new advisor portal environment. You’ll have the ability to not just build proposals, but setup, fund, and open accounts in the same environment. The new account wizard will feature:

  • Improved Design – Navigate the new account wizard with greater ease, with a more user-friendly design.
  • Seamless Integration with Proposal Capabilities –  Assess client risk, assign portfolio allocations, and produce proposal documentation, as needed, with a shared components of the proposal system. Previously, selecting investment strategies in the new account wizard was accomplished through a bare-bones dashboard. Now, you will be able to seamlessly navigate into the same investment selection process offered through the proposal generation process.
  • Multi-Registration Form Bundling – Open and fund multiple registrations within a single account—Household or individual—with one, consolidated DocuSign envelope. Enhanced bundling functionality is being introduced to improve your efficiency, as well as the end-client experience with a more streamlined paperwork filing.

New Account Wizard in the Orion Portfolio Solutions Advisor Portal

Advanced advisor service technology: A new integration with Glia—a next-generation digital communications platform—delivers increased clarity and collaboration into the advisor service experience. The new technology allows you to initiate video chat, screen share, or co-browsing sessions with your Regional Service Team, for more efficient and productive service interactions. Calls can now be initiated through your new advisor portal. A toolbar in the lower right-hand corner of your screen will prompt you to select a call type. Once selected, you’ll be connected to a service representative in your territory.

Glia service call options, displayed on the Orion Portfolio Solutions advisor portal dashboard

Deeper integration with our financial planning platform:  The integration between our advisor portal and new proprietary financial planning platform is increasing. Goals will be accessible through the client account details page (Registrations > Select a Client > Select Overview in the actions drop down), under a dedicated “Goals” tab. You’ll be able to:

  • Establish Goals – Begin adding financial planning goals—retirement, college savings, debt management, etc.—to clients from within your advisor portal. A direct integration with financial planning makes navigation between the two platforms seamless. When you select a goal, you’ll be redirected into the financial planning platform where you can complete the setup process. Once finished, you’ll be routed back into the advisor portal, where you can add additional goals or continue to manage your client account.
  • Monitor Goal Progression – Track goal progression or status through the client account details page. A card will be presented for each initiated goal, outlining goal progression. If on target, the goal will be designated as “Funded”. If the goal is off track, it’ll be marked as “Not Funded”. You can select a goal that requires attention, which will route you directly into the financial planning platform for seamless management and review.

Important Note – Financial planning is only available to advisors who have completed an introductory training and completed a brief onboarding process. Contact your Regional Sales Team at for more information.

Financial planning goals in the client account details page of the Orion Portfolio Solutions advisor portal

A third technology rollout will be announced in the coming weeks. Here’s a short preview of what you can expect in round three of the TAMP modernization:

  • Custom tax managed strategies integrated into the proposal system
  • Advanced strategy filtering—tax management, socially responsible, asset class/type, fees, etc. 
  • Trading platform availability through the new advisor portal
  • Tax loss harvesting capabilities added to the trading platform
  • Launch of pre-designed, turnkey UMA portfolios
  • Implementation of a new risk scoring system for investment strategies and assets
  • Expanded custodian options
  • Addition of Event-Based Notifications, allowing you to setup and distribute client messages based on pre-determined triggers, such as birthdays, important deadlines, etc.
  • A new payout dashboard that tracks past, current, and future payouts for greater billing transparency and control
  • Expanded e-signature capabilities throughout the forms library

Look out for new technology updates and enhancements in December.  If you have any questions, or would like to learn more, please contact your Orion Portfolio Solutions Regional Sales Team at 800.379.2513, option 5 or