3 Reasons Why You Need a Wealth Advisory Provider

According to a recent report by McKinsey, one of the fastest growing segments of the wealth management market is hybrid affluent investors — those with at least one self-directed account and a traditional financial advisor.1

The same report notes that personalization is one of the biggest investor needs that advisors need to meet in order to grow over the next decade.1 The steady pace of new and more nuanced technology has contributed to a landscape where investors expect more personalized and specialized wealth experiences.

These factors combined create an opportunity for savvy financial advisors to differentiate themselves by offering tailored solutions and services for affluent/high-net-worth investors. To attract and ultimately retain those investors, advisors need to be able to provide investment solutions that are personalized to meet their needs and provide the ongoing portfolio management, monitoring and service they expect.

For most advisors, it can be difficult to provide those services in a way that’s scalable. Building personalized investment solutions and delivering white-glove service that are all-encompassing of client needs and considerations are time-consuming activities.

To capture high net worth opportunities and grow their business, financial advisors are leveraging investment providers that specialize in providing personalized wealth experiences more effectively.

1. Offer tailored investment solutions

High-net-worth clients are among the general population of investors who want a personalized experience — and, often, they have a set of unique circumstances and considerations that require a more customized investment approach. According to Orion research, 90% of investors believe that their advisor should leverage resources, knowledge, and support of external experts to help with research, strategy, investment planning and management.2

An investment management provider that specializes in wealth advisory can work with advisors and their clients to design a portfolio around client needs. That could include factoring in ESG criteria, charitable initiatives, estate and legacy planning considerations, Custom Indexing, or other investment solutions to meet specific needs of high-net-worth investors.

Perhaps the most important aspect of a tailored investment solution, particularly for high-net-worth investors, is the opportunity to effectively manage taxes. A wealth advisory provider can proactively monitor client portfolios to maximize tax management opportunities, including methods such as effective tax transitions, tax loss harvesting, asset selection and other tax smart strategies.

2. Broaden your expertise

Beyond tailored investment solutions, high net worth clients can benefit from their advisor’s access to the experience and specialized investment expertise that a wealth advisory provider offers. In fact, Orion research indicates that 80% of investors think more highly of an advisor who amplifies their expertise by leveraging the best intellectual capital and ideas and applying them to their investment strategy. 2

Financial advisors can leverage the highly credentialed investment teams, CFA Charterholders, tax specialists, dedicated client portfolio managers, market analysts, and support teams that wealth advisory providers offer. Additional wealth services, such as business valuation, charitable funding, trusts, banking and lending, and other partner services can help advisors provide a one-stop shop for high-net-worth investors with highly specialized needs.

Wealth advisory providers who offer dedicated white-glove support can help financial advisors deliver exceptional experiences without having the staff and resources to build their own high-touch service model.

3. Stay focused on your clients

Leveraging a provider enables financial advisors to remain sitting on the same side of the table as their client, advocating for the client and ensuring their needs are met. 78% of investors believe the best advisor is the one who knows them well and creates the best network to support them.

Partnering with a wealth advisory provider enables financial advisors to:

  • Act as the central point of contact and source of service for clients
  • Coordinate a team of experts and specialists to help ensure client needs are met
  • Offer tailored investment experiences and wealth planning services while staying focused on advocating for clients

By leaning on a wealth advisory provider, financial advisors can effectively remain focused on building and strengthening client relationships while outsourcing tailored solutions and service to experienced specialists.

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Brinker Capital Investments, LLC a registered investment advisor.

1 ”US wealth management: A growth agenda for the coming decade,” McKinsey & Company, February 2022

2 Orion Research Initiative, which maintained a +/- 2.9% margin of error among consumer investors across generations and a +/- 3.8% error rate among financial advisors. A mixed methodology was applied that included a robust base of more than 2000 constituents in the online surveys and dozens of in-depth interviews on the topic. Research conducted Q32021.