A Program to Help Top Tier Advisors Continue Their Trajectory of Success

You’ve worked hard to build a high-performing advisory business. We want to help you carry that success forward, with services that are designed to solve the challenges of managing a large and rapidly growing book.

Enhanced Services, Tailored Toward Elite Advisors

Your Own Elite Service Representative
Your Own Elite Service Representative

Larger books of business require a greater degree of support and focus. We help you cater to the needs of your clients and business with a dedicated service representative. 

Through a smart phone system, your calls will be automatically routed to your dedicated service professional. The consistency created from a one-on-one service relationship fosters increased collaboration and faster issue resolution, because your service representative will have an intimate working knowledge of your business. 

And through selective assignment, our Elite Service Representatives are identified as best-of-breed – with demonstrated excellence in accuracy, speed, and helpfulness.

Invite-Only Advisor Events
Invite-Only Advisor Events

Managing a large book of business requires you to stay at the top of your game. We help you do that through exclusive insight, education, and networking. 


Members of the Elite Advisor Group are invited to join us at multiple events throughout the year, including:

  • Quarterly executive calls, providing direct access to our decision makers, insight into upcoming developments, and the opportunity to influence the trajectory of our organization with live feedback.
  • An annual elite advisor conference, creating opportunities to collaborate with your peers and our executives, in tandem with the Orion Advisor Solutions Ascent conference. Airfare and accommodations are complimentary.
Access to Exclusive Resources
Access to Exclusive Resources

Sustainable success is all about the client experience. However, as your book grows, maintaining positive client experiences becomes more difficult. We help you maintain a strong trajectory of success through enhanced tools and resources, designed to support positive client experiences, efficiently. 

Members of the Elite Advisor Group gain access to:

  • Our complete financial planning platform, with full access to our financial planning support team.

Ready to Enable Continued Growth in Your Business?

Advisors with $25 million in AUM and $1 million in annual net production are eligible for induction into the Elite Advisor Group. 

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