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Access The Investments Needed To Empower Your Clients, And Your Business

We support you with a comprehensive list of flexible, yet manageable investment options that enable you to support your entire book of business in one, simplified investment platform.

Flexible Investment Options

Third-Party Strategists
Third-Party Strategists

Find and implement quality investment options with a curated list of third-party strategists, each of which is vetted and monitored through a dedicated due diligence process.

UMA Portfolios
UMA Portfolios (MMS™)

Build and manage well-diversified UMA portfolios with a simplified investment process that helps you identify client expectations, demonstrate the role of diversification in the portfolio, and select investments that are positioned to align with client expectations in multiple market scenarios.

High Net Worth Program
High Net Worth Program

Attract and serve high-net-worth investors by partnering closely with our dedicated SMA strategists for fully custom portfolio design and client service. 

Advisor as Portfolio Manager
Advisor as Portfolio Manager

Bring your unique investment philosophy to life with access to more than 2,700 no load or load waived funds and a robust trading platform. 


Preparing Clients For Any Market Scenario

How can you build portfolios that align with client expectations across markets? Download the advisor’s guide to see the unique approach, supported by a clear and repeatable process.

Ready to support your entire book of business through one, simplified investment platform?

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