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Manage Portfolios Your Way, With Flexible Investment Technology

Deliver investment models that reflect your philosophy with intuitive account management tools.

Define Your Investment Experience

The experience you deliver to clients can set you apart from the advisor down the street. If your value and differentiation is found in your investment philosophy, you need the support and resources needed to build, deliver, and manage custom portfolios.


To help you, we provide investment options that are flexible enough to reflect your philosophy, yet intuitive enough to manage consistently and reliably.

Portfolio Management Technology

Intuitive Proposal Builder
Intuitive Proposal Builder

Confidently create and deliver portfolios that reflect your investment philosophy, with a proposal generation process that guides you through:

  • Account setup
  • Assessment of risk
  • Tax and ESG customization
  • Investment selection
  • Proposal generation
  • Client onboarding
Powerful Trading Platform
Powerful Trading Platform

Manage account allocations with a robust trading platform that gives you the tools to:

  • Efficiently process trades
  • Rebalance on the household level
  • Customize dashboards for easier navigation
  • Sort and filter more than 2,700 no-load and load-waived funds
  • Create and manage tax-optimized direct indexed models
Informative Reporting Options
Informative Reporting Options

Access the insights needed to make more informed business decisions and turn account data into clear and helpful client communications, with an easy-to-use report builder. A targeted suite of reports is available to help you monitor account activity, evaluate performance, and even project future payments.

Advisor-Friendly Billing
Advisor-Friendly Billing

Take control of your business cashflow with custom fee rates, monthly billing, and complete transparency into your past and projected fee runs. 

Collaborative Client Experience
Collaborative Client Experience

Support positive client experiences with an intuitive, fully branded client portal and mobile app that makes account information accessible and easy to navigate. Through the dedicated portal, clients can quickly access relevant investment data, manage their account, and find your contact information.

Robust Financial Planning
Robust Financial Planning

Make your clients’ aspirations a reality by connecting their financial goals with investment performance data to create actionable plans that help secure their now—and their future.

Integrated Compliance
Integrated Compliance

Reduce firm risk and streamline regulatory tasks—like audit preparation, form filing, and employee trade activity—with a suite of fully integrated compliance tools.

Custom Separately Managed Account Managers
Custom Separately Managed Account Managers

Deliver fully customized asset-class replacement strategies to accommodate the more sophisticated needs of high-net-worth investors, with our specialty Separately Managed Account managers. 

Portfolio Management Services

Tools to manage your investment accounts are only part of your success story. We also support the daily needs of your business with ample back office support.

Streamlined Administrative Tasks

Streamline your back-office and enhance your investment management focus with automated fee billing and statement generation, and a digital work request dashboard that improves the speed and transparency of account discrepancy resolution. 

Accessible Service Team

Address daily challenges quickly and get back to building positive client experiences with a service environment that prioritizes accessibility through regional-specific support teams, hands-on product guidance, and screen share technology.

Hands-on Product Specialists

Work closely with our hands-on product specialists to more confidently find, select, and implement investment options across your book of business. Our product specialists are readily available to help you navigate the advisor portal, evaluate investment options, and learn about relevant products and services. 

Ready to deliver your unique investment philosophy?

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