A Comprehensive Investment Experience, Tailored For Your High-Net-Worth Investors

We help advisors attract and serve more high-net-worth investors through a collaborative approach to investment design and client service. 

High Net Worth Investor Strategy

Expanding your high-net-worth business is a great way to boost your AUM and firm revenues. But as investable assets grow, investor needs and expectations grow with them. 


The High-Net-Worth Program gives you and your clients direct access to specialized investment strategists who are dedicated to designing, implementing, and managing portfolios for wealthier investors. 


Through partnership with the available Separately Managed Account (SMA) strategists and a case management team, you have access to a defined process—from a discovery call to client servicing. The collaborative approach enhances your ability to meet and exceed the needs of high-net-worth investors, like increased tax management, access to capital, and personalized portfolio creation.

A Well-Defined Investment Process

Confidently approach high-net-worth investors with a fully supported investment design process and service structure.

Step 1

Identify the prospect.

Step 2

Conduct a discovery call with your chosen SMA strategist partner and case management team, and evaluate the investor’s current portfolio.

Step 3

Design a target strategy, in collaboration with your SMA strategist, that meets the investor’s unique needs. Work together to develop talking points for delivery to the investor.

Step 4

Deliver the proposal, discuss the strategy, and onboard the client.

Step 5

Work hand-in-hand with your SMA strategist partner and case management team to deliver a high-touch service experience that supports your value proposition.

Strategist Partners You Can Trust

Facilitate the robust investment experience high-net-worth investors need, without shouldering the full burden of managing fully custom investment portfolios, by partnering with our SMA strategists.

Appleton Partners

Since 1986, Appleton Partners has stayed true to the belief in managing every relationship and each account to meet the unique needs of their clients. As the antithesis of a one-size-fits-all mentality, Appleton Partners offers objective advice and customized portfolios to address the specific assets and aspirations of clients.

Appleton Partners manages over $8 billion in client assets for high-net worth-individuals, corporations, foundations, and pension and profit-sharing plans in 45 states and abroad.

Brinker Capital

Brinker Capital’s Separately Managed Accounts provide accumulation, income, and tax management strategies, using the Risk Budgeting Methodology and a unique mix of ETFs and individual stocks/bonds.

Learn more about Brinker Capital »

Clark Capital Management Group

Through close collaboration with financial advisors, Clark Capital provides the tools, resources, and scalability needed to run a successful investment advisory practice. They believe this allows advisors to focus on their most valuable role: understanding their clients’ needs and helping them achieve successful outcomes.

Clark Capital’s mission is to provide advisors with disciplined, consistent and reliable investment strategies that can help clients stay on track to reach their long term goals. They do this by creating highly personalized investment strategies designed to help clients remain committed to their individual financial plans.

Clark Capital’s Navigator Investment Solutions are personalized to the unique requirements of high net worth individuals, corporation, foundations, and retirement plans.

Meeder Private Wealth

Meeder Private Wealth* is a Separately Managed Account strategist with portfolios built to meet the needs and objectives of each client. The portfolio is designed specifically to minimize taxes and track a client-specified benchmark. You can interact directly with Meeder Private Wealth Management when managing your client portfolios.

Their experienced team of equity and fixed income professionals manage customized solutions for institutions and high net worth investors focusing on enhanced diversification and sophisticated tax management.

*subject to Broker Dealer/RIA availability


The Complete Guide To SMAs

What are SMAs, and how can they position you to attract and better serve more high-net-worth investors? Download the advisor’s guide for a complete overview. 

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