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UMA Portfolios, Backed By A Strong Investment Process

Spend less time sorting, blending, and monitoring investment strategies, and more time cultivating stronger client relationships—without sacrificing investment quality.

Portfolios For The Growth-Oriented Advisor

Are you interested in delivering well-diversified UMA investment portfolios to clients, but struggling to find the time to design, implement, and manage them across your business?


In growing advisory firms, there are only so many aspects of the investment experience you can manage, effectively.


To help you maintain your focus and enable growth, we offer turnkey UMA portfolios that embody our unique three-mandate investment approach—MMS® Advised Portfolios.

MMS™ Advised Portfolios

About The Pre-Built Models
About The Pre-Built Models

The MMS® Advised Portfolio models span five standardized risk profiles, with a blend of 6–8 actively managed mutual funds and ETFs, to accommodate your full spectrum of clients.

Embedded Management and Due Diligence
Embedded Management and Due Diligence

MMS® Advised Portfolios feature a collaborative management structure. While you align clients to the model that best suits their investment needs and preferences, our internal investment committee selects and manages investment allocations, with manager oversight support from Rocaton Investment Advisors.

Benefits of a Turnkey UMA Process
Benefits of a Turnkey UMA Process

Implementing and managing turnkey UMA portfolios across your book of business allows you to:

  • Promote underlying investment quality and consistency, with objective fund vetting and monitoring
  • Reduce administrative burden, with active portfolio management and oversight support
  • Deliver portfolios that align with investor objectives, with models that embody our unique three-mandate investment process
  • Support consistent and manageable investment experience across your book, with models segmented across five risk profiles
  • Remain competitive in the market, with $0 platform and strategist fees

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