New Risk Methodology and Investment Process Enhancements

New Risk Methodology and Investment Process Enhancements

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Orion Portfolio Solutions is excited to announce new enhancements to our investment risk scoring methodology and three-mandate diversification process. With these updates, we’re poised to:

  • Deliver more responsive risk scoring
  • Improve investor and advisor clarity
  • Increase transparency across model classification and performance characteristics, and
  • Help investors more readily understand each piece of the diversification process

The launch of enhanced proposal generation technology also supports a more robust portfolio construction process, with improved overall system design, enhanced asset selection options, and a redesigned proposal output.

To keep you informed about the roll out of these enhancements, we’ve compiled a number of resources, which will be continuously updated through the coming weeks.

Enhancement 1:

Investment Risk Scoring Methodology

We believe investors who are placed in portfolios appropriate to their individual risk tolerances and market participation attitudes are more likely to stay invested, and ultimately, more likely to reach their long-term financial goals. To that end, we’re announcing several new enhancements to our investment risk scoring methodology: a simplified client risk assessment, updated investment risk scoring, and refined risk band categorizations.

Click the link below for a complete overview of our new risk methodology. Additional information can be found in the resources section at the bottom of the page.

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Enhancement 2:

Three-Mandate Diversification Story Rebrand

Orion Portfolio Solutions has long supported well-diversified UMA portfolios through a unique three-mandate investment process. We’ve identified an opportunity to empower advisors to communicate that investment process with increased clarity by placing a greater emphasis on the role each mandate plays in the portfolio’s strategy. To achieve that, the three-mandate investment process will be rebranded as Market Cycle Mandates, and the mandates will be renamed to better represent the objectives of each underlying investment strategy.

Click the link below to see the new naming conventions in action.

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Enhancement 3:

New Proposal Generation Technology

The Orion Portfolio Solutions investment platform enables portfolio construction through an intuitive and guided proposal system. To further empower a better investment design process, the proposal system is being enhanced to deliver a redesigned user interface, more robust asset allocation options, and improved proposal documentation—while holding true to the guided, step-based process advisors know and love. Through the enhancements, advisors will be able to define client information, find and blend investment strategies, and deliver portfolios with unparalleled ease.

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Strategist Model Risk and Categorization Details

Strategist Model Risk and Categorization Details

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Risk Enhancements Case Study

FAQ – Risk
Methodology Enhancements

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How to Adjust Portfolio Risk in Your Advisor Portal

Video – How to Adjust Portfolio Risk in Your Advisor Portal

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Sample Brochure - Market Cycle Mandates

Sample Brochure –
Market Cycle Mandates

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Risk Enhancements

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