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Announcing New Model Portfolios and MMS Single-Ticker Strategies

We are excited to announce the addition of a number of portfolios to the FTJ FundChoice platform, including: AAMA High Dividend Growth ETF, Meeder 3-Mandate Conservative, Meeder 3-Mandate Growth, Vanguard Wellesley Income and Wilshire Credit Alternatives.  

We are also pleased to add Abbey Capital Futures (ABYAX) and AQR Style Premia Alternative LV I (QSLIX) to our MMS Single Product Strategies offering.

AAMA High Dividend Growth ETF

The AAMA High Dividend Growth seeks dividend income and long-term appreciation of capital through investment in a portfolio of exchange traded funds (ETFs). The portfolio consists of seven to ten ETFs.

Meeder 3-Mandate

Like the 3-Mandate Balanced portfolio, the 3-Mandate Conservative and Growth portfolios encompass all three mandates where Meeder serves as the strategist overlay manager.

The 3-Mandate Conservative portfolio will utilize mandate 3 and is considered a diversifier that disengages from the general market cycles that generally influence the other two mandates.

The 3-Mandate Growth will utilize mandate 2 and is managed tactically to purse shorter-term opportunities characterized by markets experiencing cycle or regime changes.

Vanguard Wellesley Income

This 40 year-old, income-oriented balanced strategy offers exposure to stocks and investment-grade bonds. Historically the strategy has allocated roughly two thirds of its assets towards high quality fixed income. The strategy’s stock holdings are focused on companies that have historically paid a larger-than-average dividend or that have expectations of increasing dividends. This focus may provide a higher quarterly income distribution than non-income focused strategies. The strategy has very low expense ratio for tactically managed portfolio.

Wilshire Credit Alternatives

The Wilshire Credit Alternatives Portfolio is an actively-managed, multi-strategy alternative investments portfolio of mutual funds with a low volatility and absolute return mandate. The portfolio allows advisors to provide their clients with risk-managed exposure to liquid alternative mutual funds.

Abbey Capital Futures Strategy Fund (ABYAX)

The Abbey Capital Futures Strategy Fund compromises an allocation to managed futures complemented with an actively-managed fixed income exposure, in a highly-competitive cost structure.

AQR Style Premia Alternative Fund (QSLIX)

The AQR Style Premia Alternative Fund seeks to provide long-term returns with a low correlation to traditional asset class returns by investing in a broad spectrum of asset classes and markets.

Vanguard Market Neutral Fund

In addition, the Vanguard Market Neutral Fund, previously part of the MMS Single Product Strategies, is now available directly through our strategist Vanguard.

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