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Financial Planning Platform Receives Key Updates and Enhancements for 2020

We are excited to announce the addition of three key enhancements to our integrated financial planning platform, available to all advisors through the Orion Portfolio Solutions investment platform.

Updated Capital Market Assumptions

The capital market assumptions, a key component to your financial forecasting and Monte Carlo simulations, have been updated to align with JP Morgan’s 2020 Long-Term Forward Looking Outlook. Updates reflect 2020 changes in tax brackets, deductions, contribution limits, social security earnings limits, and bend points.

New Ask Advisor Button

The financial planning portal now features an “Ask Advisor” button. Through the button, clients can send you a brief message or request, which is routed to both your email, and the notifications section of the financial planning platform. It will also show clients their advisor’s name, phone number, and photo.

Dynamic scheduling is also made available through Calendly. If used, clients can book meetings with you from within the portal—reducing unnecessary back-and-forth.

Assisted Contact Information Quality Control

A prompt to verify contact information has been introduced as part of the single sign-on process to promote client information accuracy. When accessing the financial platform through single sign-on (for existing and new client accounts), you will be asked to verify client profile information, such as spouse info and account types.

Each of these enhancements are now effective and available for use in our financial planning platform. To learn more about integrated financial planning and how you can get started, check out our prerequisite Ascent training course.

The financial planning training course is accessible through your advisor portal, under the Planning section of your Account Center tab.

For more information, please reach out to your Orion Portfolio Solutions Regional Sales Team at 800-379-2513, option 1.

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