Meeder Investment Management adds Target Income Portfolios to enhance its offering through Orion Portfolio Solutions

Meeder Investment Management is expanding its offering on Orion Portfolio Solutions’ platform to include four Target Income Portfolios. These models are available in the Tactical Mandate for a strategist fee of 0 bps.


About the Portfolios

Constructed from Meeder’s proprietary family of mutual funds, the portfolios combine Defensive Equity, Equity, and Fixed Income strategies, which are designed to complement one another, to achieve client objectives. The four portfolios, now available, are allocated according to a range of income goals:

  • Target Withdrawal 3-4%
  • Target Withdrawal 4-5%
  • Target Withdrawal 5-6%
  • Target Withdrawal 6-7%

The Target Withdrawal Portfolios are designed to generate a total return to investors through income, such as dividends, distributions, or interest paid, and capital appreciation. The portfolios are suitable for investors seeking growth of a portfolio over time, focused on a combination of yield and capital appreciation to balance cash generation with the risk of principal erosion. 


About Meeder Investment Management

Meeder Investment Management is skilled in tactical asset allocation and managing market volatility dating back to the firm’s inception in 1974. Through more than 45 years of working with financial advisors, institutions, and individuals, Meeder now has over $25 billion in assets under management, advisement, and administration as of June 30, 2019.

Our investment solutions include mutual funds, investment portfolios, separate accounts, retirement solutions, private wealth management and cash management solutions. 


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Fact sheets, model charts and more about Meeder Investment Management are available in the Advisor Portal under Marketing Material.