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New Investment Strategy Research Group Brings Enhanced Due Diligence to Advisors

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Orion Portfolio Solutions Investment Strategy Research Group, and with it, an enhanced strategist due diligence system.

The new system is built around a collaborative strategist evaluation and oversight environment, where two distinct groups—our Investment Committee and new Investment Strategy Research Group—work in tandem to vet and monitor our curated suite of investment strategists.

Click here to learn more about our due diligence system.

In addition to improved due diligence capabilities, this transition marks a continued focus on helping advisors confidently find and implement investment options across their book of business. Through a more nimble and focused due diligence environment, advisors can expect continued improvement across the investment products and processes available through the Orion Portfolio Solutions platform.

For any questions about the Investment Strategy Research Group or our new due diligence system, please reach out to your Orion Portfolio Solutions Regional Sales Team at 800.379.2513, option 1.

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