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New MMS – Single Ticker Strategy Offering Now Available

We are excited to announce the addition of the Calamos Market Neutral Income (CMNIX) strategy to the ftj | FundChoice platform. CMNIX is part of the MMS – Single Ticker Strategies offering, and it is available in the Diversifier Mandate.

About the Strategy

The Calamos Market Neutral Income strategy was launched in September 1990 and is comprised of two core strategies with different responses to volatility – convertible arbitrage (long volatility strategy) and hedged equity (short volatility strategy). The strategy’s objective is to provide bond like returns, but without sensitivity to changes in interest rates (i.e. provide income without interest rate duration).

Who’s It Appropriate For?

CMNIX is intended to provide diversification benefits, particularly in low interest-rate environments. It is most suitable for investors seeking bond-like returns with modest diversification relative to traditional fixed income assets.

Learn More

New information on CMNIX is now available in the Advisor Portal, Under Marketing Material and MMS – Single Ticker Strategies.

For more information, please contact your ftj | FundChoice Regional Sales Team at 800-379-2513, option 5, or