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Ocean Park Asset Management Adds Diversified Municipal Bond Model to FTJ FundChoice TAMP Platform

Ocean Park Asset Management Adds Diversified Municipal Bond Model to FTJ FundChoice TAMP Platform  

Santa Monica, CA (March 8, 2019) – Ocean Park Asset Management, a Santa Monica-based asset management firm with a unique investment approach that focuses on limiting downside risk, announced today that its Ocean Park Diversified Municipal Bond Model will be added to FTJ FundChoice, an open architecture Turnkey Asset Management Program (TAMP) based in Hebron, Kentucky. 

The Ocean Park Diversified Municipal Bond Model will typically hold a variety of selected actively-managed municipal bond mutual funds and ETFs, but will move temporarily into money market funds in accordance with a proprietary rules-based sell discipline that Ocean Park has applied for over 31 years. The model will be available on the FTJ FundChoice platform in its diversifier sleeve, alongside Ocean Park’s Balanced Risk Model.  

“We think Ocean Park’s unique focus on conservative investing plays an important role for advisors, and this model will be especially useful for the end-client as the importance of both diversification and downside protection continues to grow,” said Ken Sleeper, Ocean Park principal and co-founder. “We are delighted to add the Ocean Park Diversified Municipal Bond Model to FTJ FundChoice MMS. Ocean Park’s model will join FTJ FundChoice’s robust catalog of low correlation strategies in their diversifier sleeve. When combining models from the diversifier sleeve with those from the tactical and strategic sleeves, MMS enables advisors to construct portfolios for any market conditions. The Ocean Park Diversified Municipal Bond Model’s low correlation and downside risk management offer a conservative strategy that fits well with FTJ FundChoice’s holistic MMS approach.” 

The Model has two goals: total return, including tax-exempt dividends and interest, and downside risk management, using a rules-based sell discipline. Ocean Park also seeks to capture parts of the periodic rising trends in price of the underlying funds, through its buy and sell disciplines. 

The Ocean Park Diversified Municipal Bond Model will be managed by a team led by David C. Wright, JD and Kenneth L. Sleeper, MBA, PhD, the co-founders of Ocean Park, and Terri Spath, MBA, CFA®, Chief Investment Officer.   


About Ocean Park Asset Management 

Since 1987 it has been Ocean Park’s goal to helping retirees and other conservative investors preserve and grow their wealth. Through the years, Ocean Park has fine-tuned an investment approach specifically designed to limit downside risk and to provide returns that conservative investors would deem satisfying, by reflecting Ocean Park’s current market and manager views. Using decades of strategic research and proven risk management disciplines, Ocean Park strives to help clients of financial advisors meet their specific investment goals. 

Ocean Park Asset Management, Inc. (“Ocean Park”) is an SEC registered investment adviser located in the State of California. Registration does not imply a certain level of skill or training. For information pertaining to the registration status of Ocean Park, please contact us or refer to the Investment Adviser Public Disclosure website (