Resources To Support A Next-Generation Client Experience

Positive client relationships are key to sustainable advisory growth. We help you foster more positive relationships with client-facing technology that’s designed to improve engagement, transparency, and trust in the investment experience.

Improve The Client Experience

Accessible Account Information
Accessible Account Information

Give clients access to clear and accessible investment information through a fully branded portal.

  • Investment Accounts: clients can see a quick overview of their portfolio, or drill down to view account holdings by asset class or mandate.
  • Reports: clients can find and review statements, as well as access a list of templated reports that can be run for additional clarity into their portfolio performance and transaction details.
  • Ample service resources: clients can access your contact information and their regional service team’s details.
Event-Based Notifications
Event-Based Notifications

Increase client engagement with the ability to automate notifications and communications based on pre-determined triggers, such as:

  • RMD deadlines
  • Account activity
  • Trade notifications
  • Personal anniversaries, like birthdays
Convenient Mobile App
Convenient Mobile App

Keep clients engaged on the go, with an easy-to-use mobile app that provides a convenient point of access to their investment information, statements, and account activity.

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