Can’t-Miss Updates to Your Platform

Orion Portfolio Solutions is here to help you manage your investments, your clients, and your business with confidence. To keep that promise, we continually enhance our investment platform and available advisor solutions. This list is designed to help you stay on top of the most relevant updates, but more importantly, help you make the most of each enhancement with clear action items.



What’s Happening

Now Brinker Capital Investment’s Destinations Mutual Fund Portfolios, built with their Destinations Mutual Funds, are available in Orion Portfolio Solutions. Here’s how they can bring value to the Invest Pillar of your practice:

  • Core investment competencies are rooted in a dynamic yet flexible, multi-asset class investment approach, in-depth portfolio manager due diligence, and a focus on keeping you informed.
  • Both active and passive investment management is valued for helping provide a superior overall return profile.
  • Long-term strategic allocations and established allocation ranges are adhered to for each asset class, yet active shifts are made based on short and intermediate-term macro views.

Action Items

  1. Log into the advisor portal, and download Brinker’s fact sheets to learn more!  Log in now.




What’s Happening

Orion Portfolio Solutions has added five new BlackRock portfolio families, each with a spectrum of allocation models from conservative to aggressive, opening the door to over 30 new managed portfolio strategies and a model for every investor.

BlackRock’s Model Portfolio Solutions Team, which is led by five PhDs and includes 17 research and investment strategists, applies a disciplined process to their investment philosophy. They maintain a long-term strategy focus yet have the flexibility to adapt to changing macro conditions. They also leverage the full breadth of BlackRock’s global risk team to manage risk, including Aladdin – BlackRock’s proprietary risk-management technology.

Action Items

  1. Access an abundance of valuable BlackRock resources, including an on-demand webinar with a BlackRock Model Strategist, election resources, Advisor 2020 Insights, and more!
  2. Log in now to access BlackRock’s model fact sheets available in the Marketing Material section of your Advisor Portal.


New Proposal Generation Technology

What’s Happening

Orion Portfolio Solutions has long supported advisor portfolio construction through an intuitive and guided proposal system. To further empower a better investment design process, the proposal system is being enhanced to deliver a redesigned user interface, more robust asset allocation options, and improved proposal documentation—while holding true to the guided, step-based process advisors know and love.

Action Items

  1. Dive deeper into each enhancement through our comprehensive July release notes. Click here to read now.
  2. Take a tour of the new proposal system and get an inside look at the modern design and functionality available to advisors today. Click here for your tour.


Clarified UMA Diversification Process

What’s Happening

Orion Portfolio Solutions advocates well-diversified UMA portfolios through a unique three-mandate investment process. The process is simple and the story is compelling. However, we’ve identified an opportunity to empower advisors to communicate that investment process with increased clarity by placing a greater emphasis on the role each mandate plays in the portfolio’s strategy. To achieve that, the three-mandate investment process will be rebranded as Market Cycle Mandates, and the mandates will be renamed to better represent the objectives of each underlying investment strategy.

Action Items

  1. Learn more about the why behind our UMA diversification process rebrand through our most recent blog post. Click here to read now.
  2. Log into your Orion Portfolio Solutions advisor portal, and download our rebranded UMA process marketing materials. Click here to log in.


Adding Fidelity Institutional to Our Platform

What’s Happening

Fidelity Institutional has made its core lineup of strategies available in both Orion Portfolio Solutions and through Communities, Orion Advisor Tech’s model marketplace. Orion Communities will carry Fidelity’s lineup of more than 30 model portfolios and SMAs, and Orion Portfolio Solutions will feature eight Fidelity model portfolios and a themed SMA strategy, including:

  • Fidelity Target Allocation Model Portfolios, Fidelity’s earliest suite of models with the longest track record, which offer five different asset mixes designed to achieve a spectrum of risk profiles as well as seek to enhance the potential for excess return. These strategies aim to diversify across asset classes with a blend of active and passive funds.
  • Fidelity Business Cycle Model Portfolios, which incorporate a dynamic investment approach based on shifts in the business cycle, designed to enhance risk-adjusted returns. The business cycle model portfolios are based on the framework of Fidelity’s Asset Allocation Research Team (AART), which conducts economic, fundamental and quantitative research.
  • Fidelity Bond Income Model Portfolio, designed to provide a high level of income and manage risk with a diverse investment universe including ETFs.
  • Fidelity Advisor Women’s Leadership SMA, which seeks to invest in companies that prioritize and advance women’s leadership/development and have strong competitive moats that can result in durable earnings growth or in companies Fidelity believes can benefit from open-ended growth opportunities. This model-delivered SMA was developed based on Fidelity’s existing mutual fund, the Fidelity Advisor Women’s Leadership Fund.

Action Items

  1. Log into the advisor portal, and download the Fidelity’s fact sheets. Log in here.


New Symmetry Partners Panoramic Model Portfolios

What’s Happening

We’ve added 22 model portfolios from Symmetry Partners to its platform, effective September 24, 2020. Now available globally through our Active mandate, and for use in UMA model portfolios, Symmetry’s Panoramic Portfolio Models (including Tax-Managed models) are built with the firm’s Panoramic Funds and are globally diversified and strategically allocated. The Panoramic Funds is a family of best-of-breed, multi-factor mutual funds, advised by Symmetry Partners, and featuring a number of notable investment managers including Vanguard, Avantis Investors, iShares by BlackRock, and sub advisers, Dimensional Fund Advisors, and AQR Capital Management.

Action Items

  1. Log into the advisor portal, and download Symmetry fact sheets. Log in here.


Build Your Business Like a Boss

What’s Happening

Proactive client acquisition is the first step in developing a strong advisor-client relationship. To that end, Orion has begun to extend Market*r, its automated prospecting and campaign building solution, to advisors leveraging the Orion Portfolio Solutions platform, helping them bring prospects to their virtual doorstep with customizable, omnichannel campaigns tied to personalized goals, immediately setting the stage for planning engagements.

Action Items

  1. Learn more about all this new platform has to offer here.
  2. Sign up to get a demo at our upcoming webinar on Thursday, September 10th at 1:00 p.m.


The Addition of Drift Bands to Strategist Models

What’s Happening

Drift tolerance bands have been added to all strategist model portfolios available through the Orion Portfolio Solutions investment platform, bringing multiple benefits to you and your clients, such as the reduction of capital gains on rebalances.

Action Items

  1. Review the recently published news post for a complete overview of the implemented drift tolerances and procedures. Click here to read now.


Enhanced Risk Scoring Methodology

What’s Happening

We believe investors who are placed in portfolios appropriate to their individual risk tolerances and market participation attitudes are more likely to stay invested, and ultimately, more likely to reach their long-term financial goals. To that end, we’re announcing several new enhancements to our investment risk scoring methodology: a simplified client risk assessment, updated investment risk scoring, and refined risk band categorizations.

Action Items

  1. Dive deeper into our new client and investment risk scoring processes with a comprehensive methodology overview. Click here to download.
  2. Review the risk enhancements FAQ, which dives deeper into the our vision behind the change, as well as resources to help you assess and adjust your portfolios. Click here to learn more.



Unlock Our Multi-Custodial Advantage

What’s Happening

As advisors open the floodgates of new business with integrated marketing and new proposal technology, they will enjoy more optionality than ever in their choice of custodians. Schwab Advisor Services joins the Orion Portfolio Solutions platform as a custodial option, granting advisors access to the services of the industry’s largest custodian. Schwab has deepened its existing partnership with Orion, and its addition brings Orion Advisor Technology’s multi-custodial power and flexibility to Orion Portfolio Solutions, making it easier for advisors to extend the advantages of Orion’s technology and outsourced solutions to more investors than ever.

Action Items

  1. For more information about getting started with any of our custodians, please reach out to your key sales contact for access.


Fidelity Institutional makes Fidelity Model Portfolios available through Fidelity Distributors Company LLC; and clearing, custody, or other brokerage services through National Financial Services LLC or Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC, Members NYSE, SIPC. 

Fidelity Investments® is an independent company, unaffiliated with Orion Advisor Solutions. Fidelity Investments is a registered service mark of FMR LLC.

The Fidelity Advisor SMAs (“SMA Models”) are made available to financial intermediaries on a non-discretionary basis by Fidelity Distributors Company LLC (FDC LLC), a registered broker-dealer, as a paid solicitor of its affiliate and provider of the SMA Models to financial intermediaries, FIAM LLC, a registered investment adviser. Financial intermediaries that utilize the SMA Models compensate FIAM LLC for such advice. FDC LLC and FIAM LLC are referred to collectively as “FIAM” or “Fidelity.”